Records of the Education Department

Most of the children who were accommodated in the Residential Child Care facilities mentioned in Signposts attended school while they were in out-of-home care.  Those people who are interested in trying to track down records of their school days may find the following information, which has been adapted from the Department’s guide, “Looking West”, useful. 

The State Records Office holds archival material from the Education Department of Western Australia and its predecessors including records from individual government schools and colleges from around Western Australia.  For individual school records refer to the index, arranged alphabetically by school name, held in the State Records Office Search room.  Not all school records held at the State Records Office are listed in this index and please note that many school records either have not survived or are still held by the individual schools.  Further information is also available in the Education & Schools Records Collection Guide on the Website:

Years of operation

1847 to present day

Type of service

State Archives Collection

Size of record collection

Approximately 315m of general files and records for 730 schools are indexed

Format of records

General files up to 1902, the majority of Admission Registers and the Teachers Record of Service cards are on microfilm.  Material not microfilmed will need to be requested for viewing in the State Records Office Search Room.

Information in records

The following types of records may contain information of interest to people.

·          Attendance Files - provide statistics on the daily or weekly attendance or non-attendance of children at the school and may give the names of children attending a particular school.

·         Student Admission cards - record the name of the student, the date of admission, the date of birth, the name and occupation of parent/guardian and religious denomination.

·         Student Admission Registers - record the student's name, the date of admission, the date of birth, residence, place of birth, the school last attended, the standard last passed, the name of the parent/guardian, the date of withdrawal from school, the reason for withdrawal, the standard passed and to what school removed.

·         Punishment Books which are a record of punishment (eg. reprimand, caning) meted out to students. They record the name of the student, the date, the amount and instrument of punishment, by whom administered and additional remarks (Note: access restrictions apply to punishment books).  Staff at the enquiry desk can provide additional information on the range of education and school related records available from within the SRO collection.


The majority of School records are on open access and may be viewed in our Search Room.  If restrictions do apply permission to view the records must be requested from the Education Department of Western Australia.  For assistance with accessing restricted records please consult with the staff of the State Records Office.

Location of records

State Records Office of Western Australia

Ground Floor, Alexander Library Building

James Street West Entrance

Perth Cultural Centre

Perth WA 6000


Telephone: (08) 9427 3360

Facsimile: (08) 9427 3368


Opening Hours: 9:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday

Note:  These records were correct at the time of printing in 2004, however, record collections are continually being updated and increased.