Police Records

A minority of children who were accommodated in the Residential Child Care facilities mentioned in Signposts may have had contact with the Police Service before, during or after their time in out-of-home-care. Those people who are interested in trying to track down records of this contact may find the following information, which has been adapted from the Department’s guide, “Looking West”, useful.

The State Records Office holds archival records from the Police Department of Western Australia and Local Police Stations of Western Australia. Indexes to these records are available in the Search room of the State Records Office. Please note that many police station records either have not survived or are still held by the individual stations. Further information is also available in the Police Records Collection Guide on the Website:

Years of operation

1861 to present day

Type of service

State Archives Collection

Format of records

Microfilm and original paper files

Information in records

Types of police records held include Early Police Department records, General Files, Administration Files, Circular Orders, Photographs, Occurrence books, Correspondence / Letterbooks, police reports, Charge Books, Police Court Returns, duty books and Police Journals. Information contained in police records is wide and varied.


Police records generally have a restricted access period of 50 years. Permission to access these records may need to be obtained from the Police Department. For assistance with accessing restricted records please consult with the staff of the State Records Office.

Location of records

State Records Office of Western Australia

Ground Floor, Alexander Library Building

James Street West Entrance

Perth Cultural Centre

Perth WA 6000

Telephone: (08) 9427 3360

Facsimile: (08) 9427 3368


Opening Hours: 9:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday

Note: These records were correct at the time of printing in 2004, however, record collections are continually being updated and increased.