Fremantle Community Youth Services - Accommodation
Years of Operation1977 - ongoing
Role Of FacilityDescribed in 2001 as providing an externally supported medium and long term accommodation service for young people and young families, aged 15-25 years.
Sponsoring Agency1977 – 1984 (City of Fremantle)
1985 – 1988 (Mofflyn)
1989 – ongoing (City of Fremantle)
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Address(es)7 Quarry St, Fremantle
Brief HistoryBased in a 3-bedroom house owned by the Fremantle City Council.
The Quarry Street service pre-dated the move by Mofflyn's Kingsway and Terrace House [see entries] programs to those premises, but did appear to be their successor. In the early and mid-1980’s, the service was targeted to 15-18 year old males and females who were not yet able to live independently, and provided short to medium term accommodation. There was back-up social worker support for young people with particular difficulties.
When Mofflyn took over in 1985, the following report was made: “A Youth House funded under the YSAAP scheme has been opened in Fremantle – offering semi-independent accommodation and training for older youth with a live-in youth worker.” (Report on the Activities of the Consultative Committee in 1985/86, Consultative Committee on Residential Child Care October 1986).
Funding for this service was provided through the Youth Supported Accommodation Program, which was a sub-program of the Commonwealth/State funded Supported Accommodation Assistance Program. From 2009, funding continues to be provided through the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA). [For notes on this program see the section on NAHA/SAAP at the beginning of Signposts].
Closed January 1988.
By 1989, the Quarry Street program provided a referral and support service from a centrally located youth centre and also operated two externally supported houses providing medium term accommodation to males and females 16-25 years, as well as six longer-term flats.
In 1995, the Fremantle Youth Accommodation Service’s Funding Agreement with the Department outlined the purpose of the funded services, the service objectives and performance indicators:
The purposes of the service were:
“To provide support and information to young people and their families in order to assist in reducing the risk to young people.
Young people are linked into relevant services and are aware of their legal rights and responsibilities.
A reduction in drug, alcohol and substance abuse for individual young people.”
Service Objectives:
“Working with Young People project works closely with the community in the development of appropriate services for young people.
A reduction in drug, alcohol and substance abuse for individual young people.” (Funding Agreement between the Fremantle Youth Accommodation Service and Family and Children’s Services 1995, as reported in the Out of Home, Preventative and Alternative Care Services Review, “Terms of Reference”, Family and Children’s Services, 1995).
In 2001 the Fremantle Community Youth Services – Accommodation provided services for young people and young families with the South West Metropolitan Zone of Family and Children’s Services, and in particular within the City of Fremantle. The service externally supports approximately 36 young people, some of whom have families, in up to 26 housing units of medium and long term accommodation. The service is co-located with a number of other youth services which operate from 7 Quarry Street, Fremantle. (Service Agreement with the Department for Child Protection).
RecordsDepartmental case records for youth may reside with the Department for Child Protection.
It is unknown whether any other records are still in existence.
The City of Fremantle may hold records from its years of involvement.
The Department may be able to assist people wishing to contact the City of Fremantle to see if they hold case records or other information that may be useful to people.
AccessWhile access to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, people are encouraged to enquire.
Contact DetailsFreedom of Information
Department of Communities
Locked Bag 5000, Fremantle WA 6959
Telephone: (08) 6217 6888
Country free call: 1800 176 888