Mission Australia (Jesus People Incorporated)
Years of OperationFrom the 1970s and ongoing as Mission Australia [see entry].
Role Of FacilityPerth City Mission was described in 1995 as providing a range of accommodation and support services for families and young people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, or in crisis (up to 6 emergency and 31 medium term places).
Sponsoring AgencyJesus People Inc, Perth City Mission, now Mission Australia
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AliasesNew Life Centre (Allen Court, Bentley); Jesus People; Perth City Mission
Brief History“The incidence of homelessness [of young people] continues to give great concern. Plans have been developed to provide a more sensitive welfare service to meet the needs of these young people by working in close co-operation with the staff of the New Life Centres which are operated by the Jesus People Incorporated.” (Annual Report of the Department for Community Welfare, 1978).

1995 services for Perth City Mission included: Accommodation and support for 14-18 year olds from 14 days to six months. (Out of Home, Preventative and Alternative Care Services Review, “Terms of Reference”, Family and Children’s Services, 1995).

In 1995, Perth City Mission’s Funding Agreement with the Department outlined the purpose of the funded services, the service objectives and performance indicators:
Service Objectives:
“Families and young people who are homeless are assisted to access services appropriate to their individual needs.
Families and young people who are in supported accommodation are assisted to move into independent living situations.
Families and young people are provided with opportunities to develop skills required for independent living.
Young people are integrated into a supported family, friendship and/or community networks.” (Funding Agreement between Perth City Mission and Family and Children’s Services 1995, as reported in the Out of Home, Preventative and Alternative Care Services Review, “Terms of Reference”, Family and Children’s Services, 1995).

A limited chronology of facilities is included in Table 28.
RecordsDepartmental case records for young people placed by the Department may reside with the Department for Child Protection.
Mission Australia may hold records or information.
It is unknown whether any other records are still in existence.
AccessWhile access to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, people are encouraged to enquire.
Contact DetailsMission Australia
PO Box 1243, Innaloo WA 6918
Telephone: (08) 9225 0400

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Locked Bag 5000, Fremantle WA 6959
Telephone: (08) 6217 6888
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