Miss Elphick’s Boarding House
Years of OperationThis facility was mentioned in Wilson and Robinson (1971) Aboriginal Hostels in Perth: A Comparative Survey but no detailed information is available.
Sponsoring AgencyMiss Elphick’s boarding house appears to have accommodated young people from Indigenous backgrounds who attended work or education in Perth for some time leading up to, and possibly beyond, 1971.
Brief HistoryMiss Elphick’s Boarding House was an independently-run Aboriginal Education and Employment Hostel. Whether it had any other function is unknown. It was reported in 1971 that this facility had “minimal contact with the Department” of Native Welfare because Miss Elphick’s either found “Departmental policy completely incompatible with their own goals, or do not wish to accept financial support at the expense of autonomy of action.” Wilson and Robinson (1971) Aboriginal Hostels in Perth: A Comparative Survey.
RecordsIt is possible that residents at Miss Elphick’s also had files held by the Department of Native Welfare. The Department for Child Protection should be contacted as they may be able to locate these records or refer enquirers to their Link-Up Service.
AccessWhile access to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, people are encouraged to enquire.
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