Millington Street Hostel
Years of OperationPrior to and including 1970, and for an unknown period thereafter.
Role Of FacilityResidential child care for Indigenous students in a hostel situated in the private home of Mr and Mrs Shedley.
Sponsoring AgencyBethel Inc. [see entry]
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See the entry “Bethel Inc” in the earlier section of Signposts, “Non-Government Agencies and their Subsidiary Institutions”
Address(es)2 Millington Street, Applecross (the Shedley residence)
Brief History“The Shedley home, and original hostel of Bethel Inc., [Millington Street] catered for 7 students in 1970. The Shedleys stress that students of both sexes should be accommodated together, as they would in any ‘normal family’. The house (and other Bethel centres) are physically in marked contrast to the Department’s [Department of Native Welfare] hostels. There is little of the obsessive tidiness and clinical atmosphere which pervades institutions such as Katakutu and Oceanview. Residents are encouraged to make full use of the resources of the house, to alter their environment and give reign to individual expression. There appears a much greater sense of ‘belonging’ shared between staff and residents.” (Wilson and Robinson (1971) Aboriginal Hostels in Perth: A Comparative Survey).

Bethel Inc. has its own entry in Signposts, and this should be consulted as it gives more information about the individual hostels.
RecordsIt is unknown whether any records are still in existence.
While the Department of Native Welfare placed some children in Bethel Inc. homes, the placements were mostly arranged privately.
The Department for Child Protection should also be contacted as they may be able to locate Native Welfare Department records or refer enquirers to their Link-Up Service.
AccessAccess to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, but people are encouraged to enquire.
Contact DetailsFreedom of Information
Department of Communities
Locked Bag 5000, Fremantle WA 6959
Telephone: (08) 6217 6888
Country free call: 1800 176 888