Millijiddie Station
Years of OperationFrom 1981 for an unknown period in its role as a placement facility.
Role Of FacilityPastoral station run by Indigenous community which doubled as a ‘training centre’ for young male offenders.
Address(es)Millijiddie is in the Kimberley, near Noonkanbah.
Brief HistoryMillijiddie was one of a number of Indigenous communities that provided alternative placement opportunities for young Indigenous people:
“At Millijiddie near Noonkanbah, a small Aboriginal community operate a cattle station both in the traditional pastoral sense and also as a training centre for wayward youths. A great deal of success has been achieved by this community in guiding these teenagers concerned through the difficult late adolescent years. The Department is appreciative of the opportunity to be able to place these youths, often from other areas of the Kimberley, for their care, discipline, training or employment. Placements of this kind very often have the effect of stabilising the youths who otherwise continue offending with the likelihood of prison or placement in Hillston or Riverbank [see entries].” (Annual Report of the Department for Community Welfare, June 30th 1981).
RecordsAccording to the The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies website, the State Records Office in Western Australia “holds extensive records relating to stations.” Contact details are below.
Departmental records for children placed by the Department of Community Welfare may exist.
Additionally, the Department for Child Protection's Aboriginal Index and the guide, “Looking West”, should be consulted for information.
AccessWhile access to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, people are encouraged to enquire.
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