Maddington Scatter Cottage, Manguri
Years of OperationFrom 1982 for an unknown period.
Role Of FacilityResidential care for boys and girls from an Indigenous background in a home-like setting.
Sponsoring AgencyManguri [known until 1988 as Sister Kate’s, see entry under Manguri].
Brief HistoryThe Cottage was initially purchased with a donation from a private donor. A capital grant for a games room facility was received through the Consultative Committee on Residential Child Care in 1983.
The Maddington Scatter Cottage was still operating in 1990.
Manguri (Sister Kate’s) has its own entry in Signposts, and this should be consulted as it gives more information about the approach taken.
RecordsCase records for young people placed by the Department may reside with the Department for Child Protection.
Additionally, the Department for Child Protection’s Aboriginal Index and the guide, “Looking West”, should be consulted for information.
Records should be accessed via the Department for Child Protection, who can assist in locating a range of relevant files.
AccessWhile access to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, people are encouraged to enquire.
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