Former Child Migrants Referral Index


Organisation Generating Record

Family and Children’s Services (now Department for Child Protection)


1913 – 1968


An Access database index of all children who came to Western Australia as unaccompanied child migrants from the UK and Malta.  Information is contained on child migrants who were resident at the following places:

·         Bindoon (St Joseph’s Farm and Trade School)

·         Castledare Junior Orphanage (St Vincent’s Boys’ Home)

·         Clontarf (St Joseph’s Clontarf Boys’ Town)

·         Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra

·         Mofflyn, Victoria Park

·         Nazareth House, Bluff Point, Geraldton

·         St Joseph’s Orphanage, Subiaco

·         St Vincent’s Foundling Home, Subiaco

·         Swanleigh, Middle Swan

·         Tardun (St Mary’s Agricultural) Farm School

Information varies but may contain child’s name, alias, date of birth, name of ship, date of arrival in WA, places of residence in WA and location of various records.

The Referral Index links to information held in the UK.


An application for personal records form needs to be completed and access is restricted to clients and direct line family descendants.  There is no charge.  This information is not available to researchers.