CREATE Foundation


Years of Operation

Although only established in 2000 in Western Australia, CREATE has been operating nationally for ten years.

Role of the Organisation

CREATE’s mission is to ensure children and young people in care are afforded the same opportunities as all young Australians.  CREATE aims to achieve firve outcomes:

·          Ensure children and young people in care have a voice, that they are respected and listened to and, as early as possible in their lives, actively participate in all decisions that influence and affect their lives.

·          Connect children and young people in care with each other so they have a community to which they have a real sense of belonging.

·          Empower children and young people in care through a range of original projects and services that provide them with a wide range of skills to grow and develop to fulfill their individual talents and potential and to effectively manage their lives into the future.

·          Provide children and young people in care with opportunities to enhance and expand their life outcomes.

·          Effect on-going changes to State care systems for the benefit of children and young people in care now and into the future.


PO Box 4033, Victoria Park WA 6979.  Telephone (08) 9470 6155

Brief History

CREATE was previously known as the Australian Association of Young People and Children in Care (AAYPIC).

Contact Details

Family Information Records Bureau, Department for Child Protection, PO Box 641, Belmont WA 6984. 

Telephone: (08) 9259 3417  Freecall  (STD) 1800 000 277