Anglicare Youth House
Years of Operation1976 to at least 1995.
Sponsoring AgencyAnglican Health and Welfare Services / Anglicare [see entry]
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Address(es)In 1976, Carlisle.
By 1994, West Perth.
AliasesAnglicare Youth House (1994) / Carlisle Group House (1976)
Brief HistoryIn 1994 the purpose of the service was described as being “to assist people achieve well being through the restoration of their dignity and independence and self worth.” (Out of Home, Preventative and Alternative Care Services Review, “Terms of Reference”, Family and Children’s Services, 1995).
RecordsAnglicare holds a client registry and some case records. There is also a Day Book.
Departmental case records for young people placed in Anglican programs by the Department may reside with the Department for Child Protection.
AccessWhile access to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, people are encouraged to enquire.
Contact DetailsAnglicare Records:
Fostering Futures Manager, Anglicare WA
GPO Box C138, Perth WA 6839
Telephone: (08) 9325 7033

Freedom of Information
Department of Communities
Locked Bag 5000, Fremantle WA 6959
Telephone: (08) 6217 6888
Country free call: 1800 176 888