Native Welfare Records


Organisation Generating Record

Native Welfare Department


From 1921 to 1969


Client files from the Native Welfare Department and previous departments dealing with Aboriginal people.  Information is recorded on Births and Deaths, as well as on Marriages, as the Protector had to approve all the marriages.  As a permit was required for employing an Aboriginal person, records were kept on employment and finances.  The department sometimes paid the medical expenses of Aboriginal people when treated by a doctor. Police inspected the communities regularly and a census of those present was taken.

Earlier files are held at the State Records Office (Perth), listed under Aboriginal Affairs Department.  Note that some Native Welfare files were converted to Community Welfare files.  See also entry for the Family Information Research System – FIRS.


An application for personal records form needs to be completed and access is restricted to clients and direct line family descendants.  There is no charge.  This information is not available to researchers.