Records Held By the Department For Child Protection

The Department for Child Protection (DCP) was previously known as Child Welfare, Community Welfare, Community Services, Family and Children’s Services and Community Development, and Department for Community Development.

The first section of this Index lists a range of records that are held by the Department. As indicated under the heading “Organisation Generating Record”, some records have been generated by another government department or private agency.

Access to these records is restricted and confidentiality is protected by the Department’s Protocols for Access.  For information, please contact Release of Information (formerly the Family Information Records Bureau) at the Department for Child Protection. 

Telephone (08) 9222 2555 Toll Free 1800 000 277 Facsimile (08) 9222 2776 Website:

Admission Registers (Walcott)
Bridgewater Admissions Register Volumes 1 and 2
Children’s Court Register
Client Files, Department
Family Information Research System (FIRS)
Former Child Migrants Referral Index
Former Child Migrants Blue Index Cards
Hillcrest Records
Native Welfare Records
Ngala Records
Richard S Haynes & Co Adoption Files Collection (Mr Bryant’s clients)